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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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>> san francisco recreation and parks department offers classes for the whole family. rec and parks has a class for everyone. discover what is available now and get ready to get out and play. henri matisse. frida kahlo. andy warhol. discover the next great artist. get out and play and get inspired with toddler classes. experience art where making a mess is part of the process. classes and the size the artistic process rather than the product. children have the freedom to explore materials at their own
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pace and in their own way. talks love art, especially when they died into the creative process -- dive into the creative process. at the end of the classes, they have cleaned and washup. great way to get out and play. for more information, visit that out and play and get into the groove. rec and parks offers dance classes for seniors. first-time beginners or lifetime enthusiasts -- all are welcome. enjoy all types of music. latins also, country and
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western. it is a great way to exercise while having lots of fun. seniors learn basic moves and practice a variety of routines. improve your posture, balance, and flexibility. it is easy. get up on your feet and step to the beat. senior dance class is from sf rec and park. a great way to get out and play. >> for more information,
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>> good afternoon, i'm the chief building inspect err with the department of building inspection. today we are going to talk about green building, anwith me. he works closely to develop
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regulations and their implementation. in every case where there is a regulation or some other legislation, we have to consider, ok, how are we going to implement this? that is one of the biggest issues. developing an implementation plan and trying to communicate it to you, architects, engineers, designers, is one of our big challenges. we also want talk about some issues relating to green building's current and coming, and i think i have prepared a handout. we will start with a discussion of overall green building
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issues. most of san francisco is built with older existing buildings. we have some small number of new buildings every year. we have the california, and in august, 2009, it ratchets up a lot. we have standards for the ordinance. we do not have a whole lot of stuff that addresses 90% of the city's existing building stop.
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>> as for practicality in meeting safety standards, they are all necessary to address performance of existing building sites. >> barry, by the way, is running the new task force on what should we do about existing couldn't marshal -- commercial buildings, and how do we increase efficiency. >> energy first, but also water if this and say an overall resource deficience a -- deficiency. major consideration. >> with commercial stuff, there is a big stuff to look up residential features, and those


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